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    CAR Consulting Group's website
  • Vehicle inspection

    Risk management
  • Onboard Attendance

    Cargo Superintendency
  • Claims management

    Repair cost analysis
  • Integrated solutions

  • C.A.R. Consulting Group

    Your partner around the world

Vehicle Inspection

  • Manufacturing Plant 
  • Ports 
  • Distribution Compound 
  • Dealerships 

Quality Audits

  • Manufacturing Plant 
  • Distribution Compound 
  • Port Terminals 
  • Dealerships 
  • Inventory Quality Inspection
  • Terminal Hand-over Inspection

Operation Supervision

  • Truck 
  • Rail 
  • Vessel 
  • Shunt 

Claims Management

  • Front & Back Office Claims Handling 
  • Negotiation with Customers 
  • Expertise on Site 
  • Repair Costs Analysis & Calculations 

Risk Management

  • Traffic Analysis (Discharge vs Load) 
  • Product Quality Enhancement 
  • Quality of Transport Improvement 

Integrated Solutions

  • Automated Data Capture 
  • Make/Model recognition 
  • Manufacturers Referentials & Codifications 
  • Online Application and Analsysis 
  • Multi-platform on-field data capture software (IOS/Android/windows) 

Our Knowledge, Your Benefit

We aim to continuously improve your automotive logistics business by delivering effective solutions from our highly skilled and professional team of inspectors and consultants as well as through our state-of-the-art and innovative technologies. Our work and our projects change the way people behave in the marine and automotive industry.

  • Pro-Active Team
  • Latest Technologies
  • Tailor-made Analysis
  • Global Network
  • Worldwide Operations
  • Manufacturer's standards

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